CraftRoots Brewing took root in April of 2014 in Milford, Massachusetts. Brewer + Founder Maureen Fabry is passionate about connecting craft beer back to local agriculture and crafting superfresh community-inspired brews.

Now it all makes sense to me. It was all about flavor, even back then. As a kid, I actually preferred the crust on my pbj sandwiches.  I still do.  Loved malted milk balls. Still do. I didn’t know then about Maillard reactions and the magic of malting, but it sure tasted great to me.

Fast-forward to 1995. Craft beer had emerged. After college days of drinking nothing but light lager, I randomly rediscovered that malty and toasty flavor I loved as kid, this time in a beer. First a Boston lager, then a Scotch ale, finally a smoked porter— heavenly!

Then a trip to Germany to visit a college friend opened my eyes to beer’s global link to farming, history and culture. I saw barley and hops growing and encountered the artistry of malting grain. For the first time I tasted beer that was so fresh, hand-picked and truly local.

An idea took root. “Germinate and grow,” I thought.

On a quest to make my own beer, I began using the homebrew kit I initially bought as a gift for a friend. It sat idle on a shelf so I asked to give it a whirl. That first batch with packaged dry yeast never really fermented. That didn’t stop me. I was on fire with my idea.

After homebrewing for several years, I chucked my so-called "career" and enrolled in the Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program at the American Brewers Guild in Davis, CA. The year was 1999 when I graduated. I apprenticed in Boston with the only female brewer I could find. How fortunate — a Doemens Academy graduate! What crazy good fortune. Then I landed a job with a Boston brewpub and was gifted with a shot to work with the badass Jodi Andrews. More good luck and loads of inspiration.

Next, a farm brewery in western MA was looking, and I jumped at the chance to expand my brewing knowledge and show the guys that gals can brew too. Commuting between metrowest Boston and the Pioneer Valley, I absolutely loved every minute of working with those guys and brewing with delight.

In 2006, family called. I had twin boys. So very blessed.


While raising my kids and brewing at home, it was thrilling to watch as a craft beer renaissance began. Local malt, local hops, local flavor. Finally… craft maltsters and small hop farms, the true visionaries, had cropped up on the east coast. Dig it!

I am back on my path and pursuing my idea with a passion—handcrafting genuinely local beer with freshest ingredients grown exclusively on small farms in the northeast.

CraftRoots Brewing was born in Milford, Massachusetts in 2014.

With sustainability at its core, CraftRoots Brewing is grounded in a truly grassroots idea: connect the circle between farmers, maltsters, brewers and beer lovers.

 CraftRoots Brewer + Founder, Maureen Fabry

CraftRoots Brewer + Founder, Maureen Fabry

Mo is proud to be a member of:
Massachusetts Brewers Guild
Brewers Association
Craft Maltsters Guild
Pink Boots Society: Boston Chapter