5 MA Beers To Try Now: A Chat with Craft Beer Cellar’s Suzanne Schalow

CraftRoots Brewing “Hop Mantra” IPA (6.3% ABV)

I was blown away by the flavor of CraftRoots’ “Hop Mantra” IPA and how it balances the alcohol. It’s creamy and smooth, but drinks like a Session beer (below 4.5% abv). You’ll find big, bright notes of lemon, yuzu grapefruit, and orange citrus, with low to moderate bitterness that’s almost unnoticeable. It’s a very drinkable beer. Co-founders Maureen and Robin Fabry are wonderful people who have created quite the hang down in Milford, MA. If you’re in the hood, it’s a must visit.

(Editor’s Note: I also had a chance to speak with brewer Maureen Fabry to learn a little more about CraftRoots and the brewery’s commitment to the local community in MA, which I love. She explained that they use locally-grown and malted grain, and the majority of the hops they use come from a grower in western MA. “CraftRoots brews are truly grassroots and we aim to highlight the wonderful agriculture and local artisans right here in the Northeast,” said Maureen. “Supporting our local economy as well as sustainable agriculture is a core value for us,” she continued.)