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July 2017

It's safe to say that summer has finally arrived. The long-term forecast shows temperatures in the 8 - and we know hot weather and cold beer are a classic combination. CraftRoots Brewing has embraced this pairing and heads into summer with several beers perfect for beating the heat. Our 'Root 16' IPA boasts a hazy, golden tone with loads of aromatic Rakau and Simcoe hops. It is breezy and drinkable with lingering hop bitterness. 'Root 16' also highlights our dedication to creating beers with local ingredients - barley and wheat from Blue Ox Malthouse in Lisbon Falls, ME plus malted triticulate from Valley Malt in Hadley, M, and dry-hopped with Rakau from Four Star Farms in Northfield, MA. Our Belgian Witbier was also released on July 1st. A classic wheat beer fermented with an authentic Belgian yeast strain, this brew has traditional notes of clove and bubblegum with a delicious slightly tart finish. At 5.5% abv it is so crushable and refreshing in the heat.  uly is prime picking season for strawberries and some of you were lucky enough to catch our Strawberry Blonde Ale when it launched on July 1st. he response was overwhelming positivity and later this week we will have a few more kegs of this gem made with hand-picked organic berries from Tangerini's Far.  Blueberries ill soon b coming into season and we have a source for fresh Maine blueberries. Look fo another batch of our 'True Blue' Blueberry Ale as well. 
July is also a time to celebrate independence. CraftRoots is proud of brewing and serving beer with a flair for creativity and a trailblazing spirit are thrilled that the Brewer's Association has recently begun a campaign to help breweries highlight their independent nature. They recently introduced an 'Independent Craft Brewer' seal which recognizes our risk-taking, innovation and relentless desire to build a better community. CraftRoots Brewing ill display e sea with honor.  Keep an eye out for this logo when visiting breweries and know that you are supporting small businesses working hard to make a difference in our town. 
Speaking of our town, late-June and early-July have seen CraftRoots cultivating new draft and bottle accounts in Milford. Mo and Robin hosted a beer dinner with our friends at Prezo featuring incredible arm-to-table offerings paired wit four of our hand-crafted brew. We also launched our draft account partnership with Prezo so look for our beer on draft when you visit. We are thrilled to say that we opened our first account in Franklin, MA as well. We are hitting a pace where we feel we are ready to branch out of Milford and begin to take root with select restaurant accounts in the surrounding communities. We have also purchased new labels for our 22-oz bottles with plans to bring IPAx2 and Pale Ale to retail in the near future. You'll also see Porter and Autumn Ale down the road. Keep an eye out at retailers in and around Milford. Also, be sure to visit http://www.craftrootsbrewing.com/find-us/ to see where we are sold.
Get outside and embrace the long summer days. Take a long walk or perhaps a hike. CraftRoots Brewing has partnered with the Trustees (www.thetrusetees.org) o enjoy a Brew Moon hike on Saturday 7/8 at Rocky Woods in Medfield, MA. The moon is full this weekend and we want you all to enjoy a beautiful hike with our fresh beer at the end. For more information contact Kira Baker at (508)-785-0339 x3051, or kbaker@thetrustees.org. We will have lots of activities in the taproom as well. We have our next Tap & Mic night on Thursday 7/20 and Bend & Brew yoga on Saturday 7/22. We are always adding new events. Please visit http://www.craftrootsbrewing.com/new-events/?view=calendar&month=July-2017 to see what kind of fun we'll be having.
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July. We'll see you in the taproom.
-CRB Brew Crew


June 2017

So…it’s been a while since we sent a newsletter your way. We’re happy to say that we’ve had great success in our taproom since we opened less than three months ago. We’ve met so many of our loyal fans and it’s been really rewarding to settle into a routine of brewing our flagship beers while also introducing a bunch of new ones. Just this week we introduced the two newest beers: KÖlsch and Razzberry Ale. These two brews are perfect for the warmer weather and sunshine.

June brings more sunlight before the workday begins and more sunlight after dinner. That’s a welcome sight since there are so many important moments to celebrate with friends and family in June: graduations, weddings, Father’s Day to name but a few. These times are so good for the soul, but keeping it all together in this season can be tough with so much going on. Stop by our taproom to pick up a couple of 32-oz 'squealers' of fresh beer to go. Simplify your life a little and bring to the party something to share that is really unique. We’ve got a beer for every palette - light, dark, malty or super-hoppy.

Speaking of ‘squealers,' the Massachusetts A.B.C.C. recently put a new rule into effect allowing us to refill blank growlers, in addition to our CraftRoots-branded ‘squealers.’ As CRB is all about sustainability, we feel that reusing 32-oz, and 64-oz beer containers helps reduce waste. We have added our refill guidelines on our website’s FAQ page. This information will be posted in the taproom as well.

Even without a newsletter, you can stay up to date with all things CRB-related. If you haven’t visited www.craftrootsbrewing.com recently, there are some updates which we feel will come in handy.

We have updated our Draft Board page, to provide you with the beers we are pouring here in the taproom. This month, we are proud to add our brand new KÖlsch, which is a crisp and refreshing summertime beer. We’ve also added our Razzberry Ale, which is light and fruity, enhanced with sweet raspberries. Be sure to keep an eye out for another new brew, Sommer Blanc, which will be available soon. It is a single hop Summer Ale, dry-hopped exclusively with Hallertau Blanc. Light and quenching, this straw-colored beer is the picture of Summer. Having notes of fresh-cut grass, white grapes, and mild citrus, it finishes crisp and clean. We aim to update this board as often as possible to keep you in the know of new beers as well as what to expect when visiting the taproom.

There is a new Calendar page as well. This page will provide everything from taproom hours to tastings and other events in which CraftRoots Brewing will be involved. Be sure to check out June – our monthly Tap and Mic event will be held on 6/15,  we have our Bend and Brew Yoga Class returning on 6/17, and we have a Franklin Wine Club evening at the brewery on 6/26. Sign up details are included on the calendar.

If you’re looking to find our delicious beer outside of the taproom, check out the CraftRoots Locator page. It directs you to all of our valued partners.

That's all for now!
The CRB Brew Crew


December 2016

12/16/16: Today  marks 5 months since we moved into 4 Industrial Road and began the journey of making our dream a reality. We know dreams take time to grow - we are making positive strides everyday, and we appreciate all of the love and support we have received along the way. The space has come along quite a bit since starting out as an empty warehouse - It has grown into our brewery, and very soon it will become YOUR brewery, Milford.


November 2016

The trick-or-treaters have come and gone. Cher told us to turn back time, and reluctantly we complied. Time keeps on ticking – and so do we. 

Throughout this process, we have learned that for all of the physical labor required, there is an equally large amount of bureaucratic red tape that needs to be sorted out. Thankfully we have had great support from our state and federal contacts - the biggest news we have to share is that we have obtained both our Federal TTB Brewer’s Notice, as well as our Massachusetts ABCC Farmer-Brewery License! Every day we get a little bit closer to opening our doors. We are excited to start brewing and we are continuing to make great progress on both the Brewery and Taproom.

All of the Brew House components have arrived, and the remaining plumbing and electrical connections are close to completion. Once everything is buttoned-up, we will be able to test the system, and BREW BEER!

The Taproom is coming along as well. A beautiful 24-foot pine bar top is installed, floors are resurfaced, the sound system and furniture are in place, and we’ve also completed our IT configuration - free WiFi for all of our friends! We are almost done with hanging lights, completing construction of the Event Room, and installing our draft system.

We’re so close and hope to be brewing very soon. Head over to www.craftrootsbrewing.com and stay tuned for updates, including opening dates. Also, please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for frequent updates.

The CraftRoots Brew Crew

October 2016

Autumn is in the air. The mornings are cooler and the leaves are turning. As hard as the sunshine and bluebird skies are trying to hold onto the last days of summer, we know the seasons are changing.

CraftRoots Brewing is all about change too. We are excited to start brewing and we are making great progress on the Brewery and Taproom.

In the Brewery, the first four fermenting tanks arrived late last week. The remaining Brew House components are coming this week – they are stainless steel works of art and we can’t wait to fill them up. The overhead trapeze system has been constructed, and will deliver chilled glycol to keep our fresh beer at just the right temperature. Once everything is connected, we will be able to clean and test the system.

The Taproom is taking shape as well. Once a bare space, we now have walls constructed for the bar as well as the private function room. Next up will be bar top installation, finishing the floor surfaces, setting up the draft system and hanging lights.

It’s been a long summer, but we can see the finish line. We hope to be brewing very soon. Head over to www.craftrootsbrewing.com and stay tuned for updates, including opening dates.

Until next time,

The CraftRoots Brew Crew

September 2016

This summer we have been very busy at our new location: painting, pouring new brewery floors, installing underground plumbing & electrical, and much more. Brewery tank fabrication is nearly complete with delivery set for later in September.

There is a ton of "above ground" work underway now: taproom plumbing and lighting, installation of our bar and fixtures, final finish on brewery floors, walk-in cooler assembly. 

These next few months will be even busier than the summer was for us. We are aiming for a late fall opening. The exact date is still TBD but follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates.

We continue to brew every chance we get at our original brewhouse, even during construction.

We have several new brews ready to debut later this month at Soktoberfest 2016. Buy a ticket for this fun night out on September 24th and support your local breweries, wineries, food trucks and musicians. For more information please click here: https://www.smore.com/rqszn

Thank you for helping us grow by buying our beer and spreading the word about CraftRoots Brewing. To find out where our beer is available, click here: http://www.craftrootsbrewing.com/find-us/

Want to do more to help? Hop on our website and buy some CraftRoots Brewing gear. http://craftrootsbrewing.com/shop/ The shirts and hats are a great way to show your support, and they're definitely a conversation starter.


The CraftRoots Brew Crew

June 2016

Welcome to our new website! We hope that you find it fun and informative. Please check back often, as we will be providing updates about our new brewery's progress. We can't wait to share a pint with you in our new production facility & tasting room! In the meantime, please learn more about our story, our beers and where to find them. We also have awesome CraftRoots Brewing merchandise for sale. Click the SHOP tab below and see what's new. 


The CraftRoots Brew Crew